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Redfield's New Emergency Management Services Center: A Beacon of Preparedness and Community Support

Friday, February 02, 2024

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In a significant leap towards enhancing emergency response capabilities and community support for Redfield, SD, a new, state-of-the-art Emergency Management Services (EMS) Center is set to open its doors this February. This strategic initiative is set to improve local emergency services and serves as a "testament to the community's commitment to preparedness and collaboration," according to Eric Schueth, Spink County Ambulance Director.

A Hub for Enhanced Emergency Response

The EMS center is designed with a comprehensive vision in mind. It will house a garage for ambulance storage, a kitchen, a training room and three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. According to Schueth, including private sleeping quarters aims to provide out-of-town EMTs with a more comfortable experience while on call, ultimately enhancing their dedication and performance.

"This will give our out-of-town EMTs who travel to take calls more privacy and a more at-home type feeling," says Schueth.

Recruitment and Training Advancements

Schueth emphasizes the critical role the new center will play in recruitment and training. With separate locations for ambulances and training rooms, the existing challenges faced by the hospital-based EMS service will be addressed. The unified space will facilitate smoother operations and attract EMTs with higher levels of training, significantly boosting the service's capabilities.

"The building will enhance the emergency response capabilities by being able to recruit more people to work in Redfield," Schueth affirms.

Community Support and Fundraising Success

The community's response to the EMS Center project has been overwhelmingly positive. The community and neighboring areas demonstrated substantial support during fundraising efforts, turning out in great numbers to contribute. Schueth highlights the profound impact of community involvement, stating, "I think the biggest positive impact is that the building is happening now, and we would not have been able to do that without the community."

Collaboration for Coordinated Response

The new center will serve as a centralized hub for local agencies, healthcare providers, and community organizations to coordinate their efforts effectively during emergencies. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless and well-coordinated response to various situations, fostering a stronger, united front in times of crisis.

Future Initiatives and Community Outreach

Looking ahead, the EMS Center aims to host EMT classes, providing an opportunity to build the service further with more local volunteers. Additionally, the center will be the home of the "Battle of the Badges" Blood Drive, an annual event contributing directly to the community's well-being.

"The EMS center is going to be the place where our service can host EMT classes. This will help us continue to build our service with more volunteers in our area," shares Schueth. “The 'Battle of the Badges' Blood Drive is where all the blood donated is used in our community to treat patients.”

In conclusion, Redfield's new EMS Center symbolizes progress, preparedness, and community resilience. As it gears up for its grand opening, the center embodies the collective commitment of Redfield and its surrounding communities to safeguarding the well-being of its residents through advanced emergency management services.

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