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Shop Spink Day: Igniting Spink County’s Vibrant Business Community

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Shop Spink Day was a great success this year! On Saturday, April 22nd, the Spink County community in South Dakota came together to celebrate and support local businesses. With the participation of 23 firms, this marked the second annual Shop Spink Day event, organized by Grow Spink Inc.

Shop Spink Day serves as a reminder of the vibrant local business community in Spink County. It allows residents and visitors to discover unique products and services while supporting the local economy. By coming together for this event, community members demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the prosperity and vitality of their town.

The primary objective of Shop Spink Day is to encourage community members and travelers alike to shop at local establishments, thus stimulating the local economy and fostering a sense of community pride. To make the event even more engaging, Grow Spink partnered with the local radio station, KQKD, to provide live broadcasts throughout the day from various businesses.

Shop Spink Day: Hourly Prize Giveaways and Other Incentives

One of the highlights of the event was the hourly prize giveaways. Local businesses generously donated prizes awarded to lucky winners every hour. To qualify for the rewards, customers had to shop at the participating companies and scan QR codes at checkout. This interactive element added an exciting twist to the event and further incentivized shoppers to explore the offerings of local establishments. The winner of the Grand Prize was announced on April 24th. 

Grow Spink provided a dedicated section on their website for those seeking more information about the event. By clicking the "Business Listing" button and "Shop Spink Prizes" button on the website, visitors could access a comprehensive list of the businesses that participated in the event and discover the prizes given away each hour. This feature allowed individuals to plan their shopping experience strategically and potentially win attractive rewards.

Grow Spink Inc: Helping to Make Shop Spink Day a Great Success

The success of Shop Spink Day was only possible with the dedicated efforts of Grow Spink Inc., who organized and coordinated the event. Their partnership with KQKD added an exciting dynamic to the day, bringing live radio broadcasts to participating businesses and amplifying the event's reach.

As the second annual Shop Spink Day drew to a close, the organizers expressed their gratitude to all the businesses, radio stations, and community members who made the event a resounding success. By joining forces, they demonstrated the power of community support and its impact on local businesses.

An Eagerly Awaited Annual Event

Shop Spink Day has become an eagerly anticipated annual event in Spink County, South Dakota. As the community looks forward to next year's edition, they are reminded of the importance of supporting local businesses and nurturing the bonds that make Spink County a thriving and vibrant place to live, work, and shop.

For more details about Shop Spink Day, including participating businesses and prizes awarded, visit Get ready to mark your calendars for the next Shop Spink Day and join in the celebration of Spink's vibrant local business community!

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