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2 Small Businesses of Spink County: Serving the local community. Fueling the American economy.

Friday, November 18, 2022

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There are more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S., employing nearly half of the entire American workforce. Through their resilience, drive, and creativity, these small businesses fuel the American economy. They build careers, power innovations, and serve communities across the country.

Spotlight on 2 small businesses in Spink County

We showcase 2 vibrant, small businesses in the Spink County area, One is a home improvement business, and the other is an Ag Retail Provider. 

SBS Lumber & Hardware: The Focus is on Delivering Value

SBS Lumber & Hardware is Redfield’s newest home improvement store and lumber yard. Formerly, Hardware Hank, the new owners purchased the business a few months ago. They have made some renovations to the store and have included some additional merchandise along with the lumber for sale. One of the owners, Tanner Binger also owns a construction company called Binger Homes & Remodeling. They build homes, shops, additions, etc. around the area. 

Tanner Binger is one of the partners at SBS Lumber & Hardware. The store has tied up with Do It Best Hardware as a franchisee. Do It Best Corp., formerly known as Hardware Wholesalers, Inc. (HWI), is a member-owned hardware, lumber, and building materials cooperative based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Do it Best Corp. is the second-largest co-op in the industry approaching $4 billion in annual sales. Binger said, “We have started a Facebook page and will soon be tied into the Do It Best website. The store was previously known as Redfield Hardware Hank, but as of July 1st we became SBS Lumber & Hardware since we started the transition to a Do It Best store, and we also began to carry lumber. We have 12 employees in the store. The other partners involved are Greg Stroh and Daryl Schutte. We have added a new building to house the lumber and will be getting some racking installed after the first of the year. We have also enclosed the portion of the store that was the greenhouse in order to increase floor space so we can expand some of our departments.” 

“We offer our customers a wide array of services and support. There are the basic home repair services; but we also cater to building needs such as plumbing, electrical, agricultural, tools, paint as well as a few other basics.” 

Tanner Binger decided to get into the business in the Redfield area since he belongs to the area, and has been operating his own construction business there for a long time. Tanner signed off, “Our new store is proud to be serving the residents of Redfield and Spink County. Our services are varied and our employees are well-trained and knowledgeable. Delivering value to our customers through seamless service is what we always aspire for.” 

Proven Ag: Bringing new ideas to agricultural Spink County

Proven Ag is an Ag Retail Provider in the Spink, Beadle, and Hand County Areas. Proven Ag specializes in Pioneer Seed, along with Chemical and Crop Consulting services in partnership with Precision Soil Management (also out of Redfield, SD) to bring a full, on-a-farm approach to profitable crop production management. Adam Bushfield, Drew Dickhaut, and Nick Ihnen own the store. 

To Drew Dickhaut, Spink County is a great location for the business. He states, “Spink County and the surrounding counties have a strong agriculture background with some of the most progressive growers in Eastern South Dakota. This area of the state has very diverse growing conditions and agronomic challenges. This has allowed us to bring new ideas and value to growers in the area.”

Dickhaut feels that compared to others, South Dakota is endowed with a welcoming economic environment. “The support from the communities and a hometown feel make Spink County a great place to bring a business.” 

When it comes to small business development, Dickhaut says there are some challenges in staying fully staffed. “Continuing employee development and enticing young, motivated people to either move to Spink County or plan to stay in Spink County is one of the challenges for all businesses in this area”, he says. 

Grow Spink: Here for the business community of Spink County

Grow Spink Inc., Redfield Area Development Corporation, and the City of Redfield enjoy working together with small business owners, to promote growth and secure the economic well-being of Redfield and Spink County. We are dedicated to building strong relationships to improve the quality of life for our citizens and business community. All of these factors make Spink County the ideal place to do business, work and live.

Grow Spink helps forge close links between community and business leaders to help bring the economic, workforce, and community development of an area into the future. Please contact us today to access our wealth of information and resources to help your business grow. 

Please contact Grow Spink here, for further assistance with your business needs. As we seek community and citizen input and involvement, your ideas for our growth and future remain a prime resource. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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