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Construction Update

May 28, 2020

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H & W Contracting, Sioux Falls, SD was awarded the Contract for Water and Sewer Replacement.  Work crews will be July 1, 2022.

Initial work will include milling the streets, blading and re-compacting the milled asphalt.  The Contractor will also start with test holes to determine if dewatering will be required to complete the install of the new sanitary sewermain and watermain.  New Water service and sewer services will be connected at the property line.

If you have a sprinkler system.  Make sure that the sprinkler heads are marked with a flag (typically white).

Homeowners should expect temporarily blocked streets while the crews are working during the day.  Driveways may be blocked temporarily as the work is being completed.  Streets that have alley access plan to use the alley when work is taking place in your area.

If you are blocked into your driveway please call the following numbers prior to attempting to contact the crew working.

  • Helms and Associates:  Leif Redinger, Project Engineer 605-225-1212
  • City Hall: Adam Hansen, Finance Officer 605-472-4550
  • For Emergencies please contact Leif Redinger, 605-216-8707

Work in your area will take a few weeks but access to your driveway should only be temporarily disturbed.

Temporary water will be required to complete the project.  Temporary water is water delivered by above grade small diameter pipe.  Homes are typically connected via an outside hose bib.  If you have an exterior hose bib that is not connected inside please be sure to notify City Hall.  If you have any issues with water supply please notify the above contacts.  Temporary water may result in reduced pressure and flow.

Streets will be left in a gravel state for one year.  This will allow for a “freeze-thaw” cycle to take place.  The streets will receive new asphalt by July 15 of the following year the underground work takes place.  For road maintenance issues please contact City Hall or the Project Engineer.

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