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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Redfield City Council will hold a public hearing on November 5, 2018, in City Hall at 626 Main Street, in conjunction with the regular City Council meeting, which convenes at 7:00 PM to consider the issuance of the following alcoholic beverage licenses:



Business                                              Address                                   License Number                     Open Sunday

B&L Food Stores Inc                          516 Main St.                            PL-4418                                    Yes

Redfield Food Center


Chrystals LLC                                     1202 W. 3rd St.                        PL-4793                                  Yes

d/b/a/Chrystals                                                                                    RW-20422                               Yes


Bi-Rite Liquors, Inc.                            14 E. 7th Ave.                          PL-4795                                  Yes

d/b/a Bi-Rite Liquors


Kesslers Inc.                                       1310 3rd St. W.                        PL-20046

d/b/a Kesslers Inc.


Shopko Stores Operating Co LLC      614 3rd St. W.                         RW-21709                               Yes

d/b/a Shopko Hometown #558 Restricted to off sale only.


Diamond T Bar & Steakhouse            616 Main St.                            PL-4797                                  Yes

d/b/a Diamond T Bar & Steakhouse



Business                                              Address                                   License No.                             Open Sunday

Monte A. Evans                                  723 Main St.                            RL-5903                                  Yes

d/b/a Starters Lanes & Sports Lounge


St Roosters LLC                                 424 Main St.                            RL-5904                                  Yes

d/b/a St Roosters LLC


American Legion                                 612 Main St.                            RL-5905                                  Yes

d/b/a Clay Kiser Post 92


Chrystals LLC                                     1202 W. 3rd St.                        RL-21019                                Yes

d/b/a Chrystals


Diamond T Bar & Steakhouse            616 Main St.                            RL-5902                                   Yes

d/b/a Diamond T Bar & Steakhouse


El Balle LLC                                        810 W. 4th St.                          RW-24222                               Yes

d/b/a La Cabana


            Notice is further given that any person or their representative may appear and be heard regarding the approval or denial of said licenses.

            Dated this 16th day of October, 2018


Adam L. Hansen, Finance Officer

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The Pheasant Capital of the World®

Redfield is the first recorded place in South Dakota to successfully introduce the Chinese Ringneck Pheasant. This lead to the first open season on October 30, 1919.  From Spink County, pheasant hunting grew throughout the state.  Hunters still flock to Redfield to bag their limit.