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Parks and Recreation in Redfield: Outdoor thrills and fun for everyone!

Friday, July 22, 2022

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Outdoor recreation and activities are important for the quality of life and drive economic development because they bring tourist dollars and create attractive, vibrant, and resilient communities. It has been found that amenities such as recreation opportunities are as important for healthy local economies as traditional “business-friendly” measures such as lower taxes and labor costs. Smaller cities with a higher quality of life experience higher employment and population growth than similarly situated communities, including those that rank high by traditional economic competitiveness measures. 

It is July, and it is Parks and Recreation Month across the country - the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that Redfield has to offer! Redfield offers an abundance of activities and outdoor hunting, and fishing, making our community an incredible place for families and outdoor adventurers. 

Some great recreation opportunities in Redfield

There are so many fun things to do in the vast outdoors of Redfield that it is difficult to narrow it down to a shortlist. Redfield has excellent deer hunting, and fishing opportunities. Here, we shall talk about a few outdoor activities that make Redfield such an excellent choice for recreation and enjoyment!

Pheasant hunting: Pheasant hunting has continued as a tradition for over 100 years in the town of Redfield, South Dakota, proving to be an incredible experience for people of all ages. Home to the new Spink County Chapter of Pheasants Forever and known for being the “Pheasant Capital of the World,” Redfield is an outstanding location – an easy drive for Minnesota and Wisconsin residents on Highway 212.  For those who make the annual pilgrimage to the best pheasant hunting destination in the world, most can attest to the phenomenal wingshooting offered on the South Dakota prairies. 

Hunting and fishing: Most of the hunting seasons in South Dakota occur during the fall and winter months, from September to February. The dates for any given season may change from year to year-sage grouse, certain antelope, and mountain lion seasons tend to change frequently-or in some cases, even close. Be sure to visit the Games, Fish, and Parks website for updated season and species information, including spring and summer hunting information. The state is home to thousands upon thousands of acres of public land where you can hunt. Public road rights-of-way are open for the hunting of small game and waterfowl. 

Parks in Redfield and South Dakota 

Now let's talk parks. Visit the South Dakota State Park System for information on the 13 state parks, 43 recreation areas, 5 nature areas, 1 historic prairie, and 69 lakeside use areas. In addition to all of that, there is also a 114-mile Mickelson Trail, the snowmobile trails program, and 240 public water access sites!

Conserving South Dakota’s outdoor heritage to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations is a goal for all South Dakotans. From the shores to the trails, this state has things to do and places to go that the whole family will enjoy.

Why We Celebrate Parks & Recreation Month

As economic developers, we understand the vital role parks and recreation play in our community. They are essential for local residents to have a high quality of life, enjoy being here, and for new families looking for a place to live. Parks and recreation can also serve as economic drivers. When people visit our community to play at a park, participate in a tournament or use our recreation facilities, they often spend money locally on restaurants, gas, and even shopping. This benefits local businesses and creates jobs. 

Get Outside and Bring a Friend

We encourage you to get outside, explore, do something new and bring a friend along. Redfield has a lot to offer and our parks and recreation department does an excellent job at providing opportunities for community members to enjoy themselves. Still, not everyone takes advantage of these opportunities. Share this article and tell a friend about all of the great things there are to do in our community. The fun will never leave you when you are in Redfield!

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