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The Healthy Hometown Project in Redfield: Eat well. Move more. Feel better.

Thursday, July 07, 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic may have sidelined a lot of things in 2020, but it didn’t stop the community health initiatives in the city of Redfield. Wellmark has partnered with Good & Healthy South Dakota to promote healthy lifestyles in South Dakota. Whether it’s planting community gardens, making your town more walkable, or volunteering, Healthy Hometown has your back. 

Healthy Hometown has three paths that communities can follow to make improvements in their day-to-day life: Eat well. Move more. Feel better. Improvements can be made in a number of places, like schools, worksites, and community organizations.

Towards promoting a healthy lifestyle for its citizens the city of Redfield also joined forces with Healthy Hometown. Angie Brown is Healthy Hometown’s representative and she put together a master plan that aims to help Redfield achieve its goals over the duration of the program.  After some planning and with healthy choices made available, the program went on board and was easily accessible to all those who were interested in transforming their lives. 

Healthy Hometown in Redfield, South Dakota

Community Garden: One of the goals of the master plan was to build a Community Garden. The idea was to have 10 beds available to the public to rent by the summer of 2020. The project was approved by the City Council in early March 2020. A contract was agreed upon, with the students of the agricultural structures class at the school. This group of students and their instructor agreed to produce all of the planter beds needed for the community garden project. The garden beds were placed and filled with soil by Mid-May 2021. A community rental of $25 for the season was launched. In addition to the rental, the Redfield Parks and Recreation Department rented three raised planter beds for a youth garden club. This garden club met twice per week for the duration of the summer and will continue to meet into the fall. The harvested vegetables are donated to the local food pantry and to families in need.

The raised planter beds have been used by many sectors of the Redfield population.  One of the largest renters of these planter beds is the SDDC - the South Dakota Developmental Center.  They are inviting their residents, under supervision, to plant, grow and harvest their own food!  The other largest segment of users is the Redfield Parks and Recreation Kids Garden Club.   The youth from this club planted seeds in May and have already been harvesting items for the Good Samaritan Center.  

Healthy Pool Concessions: In Redfield’s  2019 master plan healthy concessions were implemented for high school activities.  It went so well that it was decided to add pool concessions to the list of Wellmark “eating better” locations!  The 2021 pool season began on June 1 and concessions were opened with eating better in mind. To encourage sugarless consumption of beverages, PowerAde Zero and G2 were offered.  In addition, water was made less expensive than all sugar drinks hoping to make it the drink of choice for the summer of 2021.  Other healthy options were added to the menu.  These included go-gurt, string cheese, and a fruit of the day.  The fruit of the day alternated with whatever was on sale at the local grocery store. It was heartening to see so many pool patrons making healthier choices for snacks and beverages.  It was great to see apples being eaten in place of snickers bars during lifeguard break!

Fit and Strong: During the fall 2019 Master Planning Meeting one of the committee members suggested two South Dakota State University Extension Programs.  One of these programs was Fit and Strong!  This program worked great during the winter months when getting outdoors to exercise was a real challenge.  Unfortunately, due to COVID, the first in-person class could be hosted only in March 2021.  The class was slow to start due to Covid- the first day saw only one participant.  By the end of the class, there were 10 participants, 7 of whom continued to come every week!

Bike Share: Wellmark granted Redfield $10,000 to launch its community bike share program.  Although it was a slow start, the city now runs a 100% free community bike-share program entirely on the honor system.  There is a fleet of 25 bikes that is a mix of youth, women’s, men’s, tandem, and tricycles.  These bikes were not available until May of 2021 due to Covid but have been heavily used by locals in the city park, pool patrons, and visitors at the campground station.  The rules for the system are simple.  Your ride the bike, and you return the bike to one of our two stations in the same condition.

The City of Redfield along with Grow Spink Inc. and the Redfield Area Development Corp. work together to promote growth and secure the economic well-being of the community. Contact us here for more information on our programs and projects. Contact Heidi Appel, Redfield’s Parks and Recreation Director at for more information on their programs. 

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