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Shop Spink Day - Amplifying the support for the local business community

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

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Doing our best to support a local business in the community has always been important, for the pandemic has shown that apart from the numbers, the seemingly vast expanse of restaurants, eateries, offices, and shops make up the very fabric of our communities. In many cases, most places where we meet are often small businesses - the local gym, coffee shop, boutique, or diner. And the members of the community who own them need our support. 

When you support small businesses, you are fostering a thriving economy and community.

In May 2020, Grow Spink held a gift card campaign - the Shop Spink Campaign, in order to raise money for its local business community. 3,770 gift cards were sold and an amount of $94, 250 was raised, for 55 local businesses with the help of generous donors including the City of Redfield and community members.

This year, Grow Spink decided to do a spinoff of the 2020 event and call it Shop Spink Day! The event was open to any Spink County businesses that wanted to participate. All they had to do was offer a sale or special giveaway during the event! Grow Spink partnered with KQKD Radio located in Redfield and advertised on air for 5 weeks prior to the event. They also advertised with flyers, newspaper, and social media ads. Shop Spink Day was held on Saturday, April 23rd from 9 am to 4 pm (although businesses could be open during their normal hours). KQKD broadcasted live throughout the event at different businesses!

Shop Spink DayGenerous business owners donated merchandise and gift cards for hourly prize giveaways. In order to enter into the giveaways, shoppers had to make a purchase at participating businesses and then they could scan the QR code with their phone. Random drawings for prizes took place each hour and a grand prize was awarded the following Monday!

30 businesses participated ( 24 in Redfield and 6 out in the county). 347 people participated in the prize drawings alone and many more shopped. 

Let’s join together and be there for small businesses. Our communities would not be the same without them. With your continued support, business owners will be able to hold on until we make it through this current challenge.

At the end of the day, it’s totally free to give a business a shout-out on social media, leave them a kind review, or hype them up through word-of-mouth. We’re doing our best to lift up all the small businesses we can right now, and we could use all the help!

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The Pheasant Capital of the World®

Redfield is the first recorded place in South Dakota to successfully introduce the Chinese Ringneck Pheasant. This lead to the first open season on October 30, 1919.  From Spink County, pheasant hunting grew throughout the state.  Hunters still flock to Redfield to bag their limit.