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The Redfield Area Development Corporation: At the heart of a thriving community

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Along with the City of Redfield and Grow Spink Inc., the  Redfield Area Development Corp. work together to promote growth and secure the economic well-being of the community at Redfield. The team at RADC is dedicated to building strong relationships to improve the quality of life for our citizens and business community. All of these factors make Spink County the ideal place to do business, work and thrive. 

Gianna Schieffer, Executive Director of Grow Spink (RADC’s sister organization) has been on the RADC Board for over 3 1/2 years now. The day-to-day inquiries for RADC are handled by Gianna, who answers initial questions and reaches out to the board for additional feedback. However, all board members are happy to answer any questions community members may have as well.

Gianna says: “I handle the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. I enjoy being part of Redfield Area Development Corporation. Our board is very dynamic. Each of our board members brings a different set of skills and ideas to the table. We are all committed to helping Redfield grow and making it a wonderful place to live, work and play.”

Richard Gallup has been on the RADC Board since 1990. Over the years, he has been a part of numerous projects that were undertaken by the Corporation. 
“In the past few years, we have moved most attention to housing. This would include the development of Prairie Winds Addition. RADC bought the land and worked with the City to get sewers installed; then came the curb, gutters, and streets. We have 26 homes and more going in this spring.  We also developed several lots in NW Redfield for housing. We have worked on eliminating older buildings and selling the lots to someone to rebuild something on. We have also worked a lot on future sales of lots in the industrial park which have all been sold now.”

Monte Mason, another board member, talks about RADC’s mission and aspirations.
“Our mission is to stimulate and expand commercial, residential and industrial development in Redfield and the surrounding area. As a non-profit corporation, we work with the City of Redfield and other groups as a pass-through entity for grant receipts and disbursements. We work closely with the City of Redfield, Grow Spink, Grow SD, and NECOG”, Mason says.

Mason has been on many projects for RADC. “ We have established two housing developments in Redfield (Prairie Winds and RADC First Addition), we have constructed and marketed 6 spec houses in the Redfield Community, we have helped new and existing businesses find and acquire new locations, and we helped sponsor a Rural Doctor Program and a Rural Lawyer Program. We have also recently completed a new hotel feasibility study.”

As a board member, Mason and the others meet monthly, with special meetings scheduled as and when they are needed. He believes that RADC has helped to enhance the experience for business owners substantially. “We have assisted businesses in finding locations and have provided limited financial assistance in certain situations”, he says. 

According to Mason, the corporation does face some challenges in its daily operations. “We are limited by external factors, like workforce availability, lack of funding available to assist with start-up businesses, and the inability to add new residential hookups with our local rural water provider.” 

But, Mason affirms, “......all these challenges are constantly evolving, and the team at RADC has been extremely responsive and adaptive to these bottlenecks”. 

For the Board members of RADC, it has been a journey of opportunity, as they work to provide assistance and resources to local entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the years. It isn’t a question of hard work and determination, as their efforts go in, to support the retention, expansion, and promotion of local businesses and workforce development within the areas of Redfield and Spink County.

At RADC, we can help your business make the connections to address current stress points standing in the way of your success. Please contact us today to access our wealth of information and resources to help your business grow. 

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