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The Ace Hardware Store in Redfield, South Dakota: Making a positive impact on the local community

Monday, March 07, 2022

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When Brian and Deb Bonebright launched a new Ace Hardware store in the old 
Shopko building in Redfield, South Dakota, they shared a mutual wave of excitement. The couple had always been toying with the idea of making a positive impact on the local economy, and bringing a reputed hardware franchise to the area was a very good reason for their heartfelt emotions. 

A superior provider of hardware products and services 

At their store, the Bonebrights host a variety of products and services including retail hardware, major appliances, home improvement & decor, a garden center, Hallmark, BBQ, tools, toys apart from a pet section. What inspired them to start a business in the small town? Deb says, “We were raised in small towns and love this way of life. When Brian was in the dairy industry for over 33 years, we lived in many rural communities. Unfortunately, we have seen small towns across the midwest dwindle. In ‘retirement’ after the dairy industry, we wished to combine our talents with others, make our own place in the ‘fabric of the community, by investing in it and so helping to strengthen rural South Dakota.” 

When the couple approached the former Ace Hardware franchise owner they were offered a package deal - the owner wanted to sell the stores in Miller and Redfield while retaining the others in the Sioux Falls area. So when they purchased the Ace store in Redfield, they got, along with it, an excellent manager-assistant manager duo in Doug and Carol. The new owners, Brian and Deb, were “newbies” to the hardware business, and they feel that both Doug and Carol, professionals in their field, taught them many things that would have been otherwise hard to learn in a big town setup. Owning and running a store in a small town like Redfield helped them in manifold ways, they say. “Small towns are a great place to do business with loyal customers, a committed workforce, and a sense of real purpose, as we serve friends, family, and visitors alike”. 

Assistance, Incentives, and Support from the town of Redfield

At the onset, the Bonebright couple was helped in the business, to expand both their  Miller and Redfield Ace stores to “Super” size classification by their vendors, who sent Deb and Brian all the latest products in small quantities for free. This not only helped the vendors get their products into the store but also gave the Bonebrights inventory to display at no costs, offsetting the other costs involved while expanding the store. 

As one of Redfield’s economic development resources, Redfield Area Development Corporation assisted with the expansion process as well.

Ace Hardware in Redfield, SDUtilizing transportation assets for efficient business operations

All the products for the store come from the ACE warehouse facility in LaCross, WI. Trucks come in twice a week, so special orders can come in quickly too. The store has a truck and a trailer, so appliances and other products can be delivered conveniently to customers. 

Other businesses are welcome at Redfield

The Bonebrights feel that other businesses should come to Redfield if they can complement products and services that are already offered here. “We have a great quality of life in rural South Dakota. If you have something to offer, a need that is not being currently met, and folks have to drive a distance for it,  you can be successful.  More businesses offering more variety of goods and services purchased by customers within the area will help to keep rural South Dakota strong for generations to come,” they say. 

Making it happen: Trust and support from the community

For all of the 6 years that they have been in business with the Ace franchise, the Bonebrights have been Platinum achievers. Deb states, “Platinum performance retailers are laser-focused on our customers, serving our neighbors with helpful service and quality best-branded products. We have to successfully complete several performance requirements which will help us provide a better overall shopping experience in our local communities. Fewer than 20% of all Ace Hardware stores achieve this level.” Brian strongly feels that it is their customers and staff who have helped them achieve this in the stores, and he says, “We will continue to strive to be the best stores we can be!”

Goals for the future at the Redfield Ace store

For the foreseeable future, both Deb and Brian would like to continue to offer a great store to work and shop in, to offer new, fresh products at great prices; to continue providing the best customer service and convenience to customers, and to improve their stores, equipping them with the best in skills, knowledge, and character. Their vision? To see a happy and growing Redfield community, prosperous, peaceful, and closely-knit, as it has always been.

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