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When your ‘biz’ makes a buzz: Wild Roots Blossom in Redfield

Thursday, January 20, 2022

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When Jessica DeYoung opened her new salon in June 2020, no one had heard of Wild Roots. More than a year later, it is the buzz of the town.

The building at 608 Main Street has a long history in Redfield as a pharmacy, a hardware store, and, most recently, as an empty building. Many thought it too large for a single small business. DeYoung thought maybe the space just needed a fresh approach. “I was thinking, this is a really good opportunity. It's big enough that there would be room for anyone who would want to come in,” says DeYoung. She saw the potential for her new salon, and for others as well. Her husband and family were in the process of building office spaces. “I didn't need the whole thing, and I knew there was probably a need for people who didn't want all the overhead. I did really think it would mostly be a salon service, other than the restaurant here,” says DeYoung, who admits to being a little more than surprised at the response when the call went out for available spaces opening inside the building.  Soon, most of the spaces were taken up by diverse business owners. One is occupied by a health wellness professional. There’s a facial, manicure, pedicure room; stand up and lay down tanning bed and a red light therapy bed. 

Jessica DeYoung: Rooting for small business owners

From an economic development perspective, DeYoung has been a catalyst for Redfield.

“I started this endeavor by having a friend build a salon suite inside. 3 of us stylists stay very busy in the salon!  There was already a beautiful restaurant set up in the back. I assumed I’d rent some of the fronts to a crafter or two! We have hosted several craft nights, birthday parties, live music events, & group meetings. I love when kids or community members stop in just for a snack, to set & read, or simply gather & hang out!

DeYoung is now a restaurant owner in the Wild Roots Marketplace too. 

“I didn’t realize I’d ever be a restaurant owner but it’s fun! I consider myself an adventurous foodie -  I've always loved to cook and feed people. For now, we have a buffet-style lunch special Mondays through  Fridays. This includes homemade soups and a beautiful salad bar. Of course, I named the restaurant The Branch Eatery!”

While DeYoung is not, and probably never will be, a property developer, she’s developed quite a following. Quite simply, DeYoung is a hairdresser, with a dream and a deep well of optimism and enthusiasm for her community, and a self-described knack for thinking out of the box. Starting a business venture on the eve of a global pandemic did not deter her. In one respect, DeYoung felt she had more flexibility to gut the interior of the building because nearly everyone was in a lock-down; time was on her side to get things ready. Out of the dust of construction rose Wild Roots, her holistically chosen name, laden with meaning beyond the hairstyling connection. 

DeYoung defines roots as: “the part that attaches to the ground or to support for a greater and more fundamental whole; they are essential to nature,” she says. “Roots refer to family, ethnic or cultural origins. Roots relate to root music. When we take root, we grow and draw nourishment from the soil to its roots. Also fitting, when our artificial hair color grows out, we can see our natural roots. Ironically enough, I saw the wildest roots ever when we opened in the middle of a pandemic. You can also root someone on, which I'm proud to say we do on a daily basis. It’s kind of all of it, is what I was thinking.”

Wild Roots Marketplace: Bringing a community together

Wild Roots MarketplaceA year after opening, the space is filled with small business start-ups. Inside the refurbished walls you’ll find florists, artisans, stylists, clothiers, furniture restoration enterprises, as well as a host of other local entrepreneurs coming forward from the community. “I could not have imagined that there would be so much happening in the last year, and especially with COVID,” conceded DeYoung.  “I’m so incredibly proud of the fellow vendors who have taken a chance, trusted me, & shared their artistic talents with the world!  The new friendships & connections that have formed throughout this journey have been worth every moment!” Cosmetologist Doris Grunewaldt, who works in the Wild Roots Salon Suite, says, “Jessica & I had worked together for 13 years before we moved across the street to this new location. It’s been fun coming to work in the mornings and seeing what’s new in the marketplace every day!” 

In the midst of the pandemic, she found the key to bringing the community together. “I think it was a really, really good thing for our community because people didn't want to travel to other towns. The salon’s been busier because people didn't want to travel out of town to get their hair done. They didn't want to shop out of town. Then, they discovered it was good for all the businesses in town because people shopped locally. They figured out they can get about everything they need at all, not just my store, but all the places in town,” laughs DeYoung. “I think it has been good for the town in that way.”

Today, DeYoung is excited about her plans for the future, for a non-pandemic day when she can add new flourishes, like an open-mic night, or music to the space. She proclaims, “We’re always looking forward to seeing what new additions are coming to the store!” Stay tuned to see what new ventures take root in downtown Redfield.

Some of the many vendors within the Wild Roots Marketplace include:

  • Alison’s Pantry
  • The Branch Eatery
  • Country Craft’n
  • Crafty Friends Junction
  • Farm Credit Services of America
  • Grandma Linda’s Stitches
  • Just Beecuz
  • Leigh Marie Artistry
  • Ladybugs N Lily Pads
  • The Loom Room Rugs
  • Mama D’s
  • Nana Brens
  • MWDC
  • One Crafty Mama
  • Paisley Designs
  • PEMF Pulse Advantage
  • SL Joyful Jewels
  • Sissy’s Spa & Boutique
  • Sunshine Or Serendipity
  • Tarot, Trinkets & Teas
  • Wild Roots Salon Suite
  • Zens Market

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