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Small Business Saturday: Making a difference in Redfield, South Dakota

Thursday, November 18, 2021

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Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday, a day we choose to honor and celebrate small business owners and the contributions they make to the local community and of course, our country’s economy. This year, Small Business Saturday will be celebrated on November 27. 

As we enter the holiday season and with just a few days left for Small Business Saturday, we state some reasons why we feel it is important to support neighborhood  businesses on this day.

  1. Caring is the bottom line: Over 90% of local business owners make it a priority to support local causes, and they also encourage their employees to do so. As they personally donate to local charities and not-for-profit organizations, they motivate their staff to give with their time and spend it, helping others in the community to learn, grow and thrive. When you shop inside your community, you help it to grow and thrive too.
  2. Building long relationships within the community: Local business owners make use of the products and services of other local businesses, like farms, banks and other service providers. This helps to weave a firmament of economic and social relationships amongs the residents of the community.
  3. Helping the environment: When you buy local products or services, you help to reduce the carbon footprint, as there is a reduced need for packaging and transportation.
  4. A rise in job creation: Nearly 2/3rds of the jobs created in the country are by small businesses. Promoting them means keeping people employed and building a wide base of jobs within the community.
  5. A rise in tourism: Independent business owners or service providers can provide that unique experience or furnish an exclusive product that can help lure visitors to the area, bolstering tourism and generating revenue. 
  6. Fuels innovation: We live in a country where anything is possible, all that we need to do is to dream big. Supporting the dreams of others is possible when we shop at a local business. The spirit of entrepreneurship is what spurs growth and fuels innovation. 
  7. Keeping the money inside the neighborhood: A major part of the money that is spent by a consumer in a local shop or outlet is plown back into the business, keeping it within the community, unlike a large retailer. 
  8. A personal touch: Small business owners care more about the people they serve, going far and beyond in their customer service, often delivering an exceptional shopping experience. 

Helping small businesses grow and develop : Redfield Area Development Corporation

Grow Spink Inc., Redfield Area Development Corp. and the City of Redfield enjoy working together with small business owners, to promote growth and to secure the economic well being of Redfield and Spink County. We are dedicated to building strong relationships to improve the quality of life for our citizens and business community. All of these factors make Spink County the ideal place to do business, to work, and to live.

As we support our local merchants, the small business community and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, you can find out more about how we can help support you and your business here.

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