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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Pursuant to Redfield Municipal Code 12.32.130:  “The occupant of any private premises, or the owner of the same if not occupied, abutting on any public street, road or alley within the city, shall keep all trees standing upon such premises, or between the same and the center of the adjoining street, road or alley so trimmed that no bough or branch thereof shall be lower than fifteen feet above the surface of the street, road or alley or any sidewalk thereon…”  The City of Redfield has recently received complaints of tree branches hanging so low over sidewalks that it is difficult to walk down the sidewalk and/or trees branches that are scraping the tops of vehicles as they drive down the street and blocking the view of traffic at intersections.  It is the occupant or owner’s responsibility to keep the trees trimmed.  If the property owner does not trim, the City Council has the authority to direct the maintenance crew to trim, and the occupant will be charged.  Please check your trees and correct any problems they may be causing.

Thank you on behalf of the citizens of Redfield who walk on your sidewalk or drive down your street.


Randy Maddox, City Council President




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