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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

2019 Dog and Cat License Tags are now available at City Hall.  Tags are required to be purchased every year for all cats and dogs within the City of Redfield.  Prove that the Animal has been vaccinated against rabies (Section 6.01.020)               It shall be unlawful for any person to have or keep more than four (4) domestic pets in his or her household.  Domestic pets do not include birds or fish for the purposes of this ordinance.  No person shall have or keep more than two (2) dogs and two (2) cats in his or her household.  The City Animal Shelter, sale...

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

According to City Code 12.04.010, “No person shall place, leave, or keep on any public street, road, alley, sidewalk, or other public ground in the city, any other article, substance or material which may obstruct the free use of the street, road, alley, sidewalk or public ground.”  This includes the dumping of snow on public streets or alleys.  “Violation of this code (1.16.010 General Penalty) shall be punishable by imprisonment in the city jail not to exceed thirty days or by fine not exceeding two hundred dollars, or by both such fines and imprisonment.”   Redfield City Council

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

            As per City of Redfield Ordinance No. 12-28: “It shall be the duty of the owner or occupant or person in possession or in charge of any lot, parcel, or plot of ground fronting or abutting upon any sidewalk, to keep such sidewalk free and clear from snow and ice at all times.  When it is impossible to take snow and ice from such walk by reason of it being frozen to the sidewalk, the owner or occupant or person in charge of such lot shall sprinkle or spread some suitable material upon the same to prevent the walk...

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

            As per City of Redfield Ordinance No. 06-14:  It is unlawful to park a vehicle on any street within the City, when the person in charge of the City Street Dept. or the Mayor or their designee determines that snow removal from the public streets will commence.  An announcement designating the date and time of the start of snow removal will be made through local news media and any other sources available.             The Spink County Sheriff’s Department or its designee is authorized to tow away any motor vehicle or vehicles found in violation of this ordinance.             Any violation of...

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

No person shall operate a snowmobile on the streets or alleys within the corporate limits of Redfield:               At a speed greater than 15 mph             Between the hours of 12:01 am and 7:00 am             In any reckless way so as to endanger the person or property of another             In a manner which disturbs the city peace             Within the area known as the City Park             During hours of darkness without a headlamp             Within any sidewalk or boulevard area, except at a driveway   In addition, no person shall operate a snow mobile within the corporate limits on the streets commonly known as Main Street,...
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Sincerely, Mayor Jayme Akin